white tree wall decal with owls

Decorate the Wall with Tree Wall Decal

Wall is one of important background which decorates the house and the entire decor in your house. Thus, it is no wonder that the wall must be decorated well. There are various ideas to decorate your wall such as painting, frames, artwork and wallpaper. If you want something unique and impressive, you should try to decorate your wall with tree wall decals. There are a lot of samples as reference […]

vinyl flooring in bathroom

4 Tips to Set Bathroom Flooring

Most people set a bathroom smaller than any other room in their home. It does not mean the bathroom is not so important, people just consider a bathroom by function so it is built smaller. However, you should keep your bathroom clean and stylish by installing appropriate bathroom flooring. Basically, flooring for your bathroom is likely the same to other rooms flooring in your home. The different is the function […]

modern headboards pictures

Installing Modern Headboards for Contemporary Bed Design

If you live in a minimalist home or apartment, you would always involve in contemporary or modern designs. The concept of modern also affects the way you do bedroom decor. Modern headboards are the important proof of how people accept the ideas of contemporary design to their home. In the past, headboards were used to block the temperature and noise from another room, because someone needs a quiet peaceful situation […]

live laugh love rug

5 Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen with Kitchen Rugs

If you want to add something more attractive to enhance the decor of your kitchen, then you need kitchen rugs. The rugs are not only such a decorative element in your kitchen, but also a functional tool for safety purpose. As we know, a lot of activities in your kitchen insist you to have a non-slip rug so you can cook and do your activities comfy and safely. Beside the […]