Elevated Bed Garden Design Ideas

1. Built-In Raised Beds

Elevated bed gardening indicates expanding plants in soil that’s greater than the ground. A lot of typically, this is done with some kind of unit or structure made of wood, stone, or even bales of hay or repurposed product like old cabinets. Elevated beds can be as humble or creative as you such as. The first expense in obtaining your raised bed established will certainly rely on exactly how fancy you make it, but once in place, raised beds are no more costly to keep than typical gardens, as well as they use a great deal of advantages.

The first benefit increased bed gardening provides over in-ground gardening is having the ability to put your garden anywhere you need it and even making it portable. Plants are typically healthier as well as a lot more effective in an increased bed because you can control the top quality of the soil and also water drainage. And also do not neglect the perk of not needing to flex thus far to tend the plants! You can even rest and garden if you construct the sides vast sufficient.

It’s not unusual to include plants in containers on an outdoor patio, yet you could equally as quickly integrate a raised bed right into the framework of your patio, with bricks or lumber. This offers an irreversible place for seasonal plants to work out in and also fully grown. The natural herb yard pictured right here, created by Miles Garden Design, certainly makes it simple to include extra flavoring to your supper.

2. Sheet Metal Raised Beds


One more excellent advantage of raised bed gardens is that they sit well over the underground frost line, so the dirt warms up faster in the springtime as well as you can begin growing earlier. If you intend to keep the dirt cozy all summer long, take into consideration developing the wall surfaces of your increased bed out of some kind of metal, like this sheet steel elevated bed idea from Garden Beds Design. Metal will certainly ensure all the heat from the sun is retained in the dirt. Sheet steel is simple to create into shapes and also a terrific means to give the warm needed to expand Mediterranean plants like sage and also lavender.

3. Square Foot Raised Beds


Using an increased bed for expanding vegetables allows you to manage the dirt high quality as well as avoid it from ending up being compacted. Vegetable origins can expand unimpeded. The beds do not have to be really high to take advantage of being in an elevated bed horticulture. Even the 6 to 8 inches of these veggie beds shared by Patrick on Flickr are enough to enhance water drainage. This yard is additionally employing Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening strategy, to make format less complicated and amp up the harvest.

4. An Herb Spiral

Spiral yards, like this herb garden at Mill Creek Gardens, are a popular permaculture strategy. They increase the amount of useful planting location without using up much more ground space in your yard. You can easily construct them out of stone, block, timber, or merely by piling up dirt. The uncommon form as well as swirl of plants make for an attractive focal point in your garden. Herbs are the plants of selection, however you can expand anything in a spiral. The plants are all easily available.

5. Hoop House Raised Bed

With a little pre-planning, you can create a multi-season vegetable yard. Elevated beds let you control the expanding problems in your garden and also maintain vegetables out of view of hungry animals. If you develop your hoop home exactly on top of the raised bed, such as this vegetable bed from Oregon State University, you’ll be planned for any climate, offering you a headstart in springtime and also a yard that can take care of frost. The college also offers the directions to develop your very own.

6. Raised Bed Border

Increased beds are terrific alternatives for backyards with steep inclines. By accumulating the beds at their cheapest sections, like these rock elevated beds that cultivar413 photographed at Wave Hill, you can create the impression of a level garden. You can see that horticulture in an increased bed need not restrict your alternatives. Make your beds large enough to make sure that you can still have a layered flower garden with a border of bushes mounting the back of the yard as well as lots of area for perennials that will certainly offer shades, textures, and also edge softening drapes.

7. Trough Gardens

Lovely Faux Creations shows among the most convenient means to create elevated bed gardens. Just fill up animal feeding troughs with some excellent soil and begin planting. No setting up needed, but make certain to drill some drainage openings in all-time low, prior to you add the soil. The metal offers the garden a commercial look and also aids warm the soil in the spring. Depending on what you chose to grow, the beds might require a little extra water during the hottest part of summer.

8. Custom Design Raised Beds for Your Space

Elevated bed gardens can be designed to fit just about any type of space. With a little creativity, you can create an entire garden location. This multi-level elevated bed built with easy straight lines by Peter Donegan Landscaping comes total with a potting shed as well as evening lighting. Add a bench section, like the one at the end of the front bed, and you have seating for the outside dining location. As the plants fill in and the timber weathers, this garden will tackle a natural, rustic appearance.

9. Increased Bed Arbor

Gardening on a trellis or arbor in an increased bed makes it even simpler to harvest vegetables and also keeps them cleaner than if they were stretching on the ground. Vertical gardening allows you to grow even more plants without occupying much more space. Household Food Gardens shows that whether you expand flowering creeping plants or sprawling vegetables, this garden teepee trellis produces a living arbor that provides the vines lots of access to sunlight without shielding out the plants in the elevated beds listed below. Yours needn’t be this elaborate. You can produce an A-frame by leaning 2 bamboo poles with each other, tethering them as well as extending yard netting across.

10. Defining a Space With Raised Beds

Gardens in tiny rooms can commonly really feel untended as well as messy. In contrast, the raised beds lining this pathway garden by Gardening Choice provide style and four seasons of structure to this small garden. You can develop these beds for any type of form garden from blocks, pavers, or composite decking material. Not only do they specify the space, yet they likewise make it appear bigger by separating the view. All that and also they likewise give an extra seats area in an unethical part of the yard.

11. Vibrant Concrete Block Garden

There are several methods to develop raised beds out of recycled materials and also using cinder blocks is among one of the most popular. This gardener in your home Designed Inspired took it one action further as well as personalized their block yard with a little colorful paint. Older concrete block might contain fly ash, the “cinders” that remain from melting coal. Whether this is harmful to utilize around edible plants is still being questioned. Nonetheless, brand-new blocks are made from concrete. They will certainly feel considerably larger than older cinder blocks and also are considered fine to use for a veggie garden. Careful however– they will leech lime, which can elevate the soil pH.

12. Tiered Raised Bed

Raised beds understand no limitations. This multi-tiered version from Home Stratosphere resembles a pagoda or perhaps a fountain. Once it is full of flowers, it may be difficult to see the beautiful wood frame sustaining them, however it will look excellent all year long. As a matter of fact, you can even embellish it with seasonal greens as well as decors throughout the holidays and year round. You might construct your very own variation with wood structures or by layering successively larger containers by passing rebar or a metal pipeline with the drain holes and also separating them with something like washers.

13. Garage Doors Re-Purposed as a Garden

Take a look around your storage locations or take a look at some salvage look for items that would make attractive, easy-to-assemble increased beds. The gardener at Life at the Cottage created her kitchen garden from some vinyl garage door panels attached to material reinforced plastic fence blog posts as well as finials. It’s not simply appealing, it is very reduced maintenance, calling for no waterproofing or paint, as well as will last much longer than a lot of timber items.

14. Sunken Raised Bed

Instead of simply terracing the whole area of a sloping yard, you might produce a garden at eye level. Maria Michelle recorded this seating location that was kept at the original degree of the hillside. A rock outdoor patio as well as maintaining wall surfaces develop an appealing garden room surrounded by raised beds, excellent for kicking back and sitting with a sight or resting on the wall surface as well as horticulture. This would certainly call for a reasonable quantity of soil removal and also stonework, but you would appreciate it for years.

15. Milk Crate Garden

Is there no end to the usages for milk pet crates? This milk dog crate elevated bed featured by Helen Babbs on The Edible Aerial Garden is not simply simple to set up, it can be configured right into any kind of form you like as well as can even be mobile. Just get a cage and relocate closer to the kitchen area. There is no requirement to drill drainage holes and also when you need to transform the dirt, you can just lift the dog crate and also discard it in the compost pile.


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